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What are teeth veneers?

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What do teeth veneers look like?

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Veneers explained

Dr. Sarah explains everything you need to know
about teeth veneers services at the dentist

Teeth veneers are facings placed over the front of a tooth to improve the cosmetic appearance or to restore a tooth back to its original shape after significant wear has occurred.  Teeth veneers can be made out of composite resin, the same material used for teeth fillings, or more commonly, dental porcelain material.  With advancements in dental technology, dental materials, and treatment procedures, dental veneers have become a trusted and well-used solution in giving patients the smile of their dreams.

What is the average cost of teeth veneers?

Teeth veneer cost can vary greatly from practice to practice, and location.  When setting the price of a tooth veneer, dentists will consider many factors that contribute to the overall fee they will charge to complete this treatment service.

These include; 

  • The charges incurred to the practice by the dental laboratory to make the tooth veneer
  • The complexity of the procedure and time in the dental chair
  • Competition in the surrounding area
  • The material used – composite versus porcelain
  • How many teeth veneers are being completed during a single course of treatment. Dentists will often discount the overall cost if the patient is having multiple teeth veneers at the same time

For these reasons, we see a wide range of prices being charged for teeth veneers making it difficult to give a close estimate on costs.  As a rough guide, you can expect to pay $250- $500 for a single composite tooth veneer and anywhere between $900 and $2000 for a porcelain tooth veneer.  Our suggestion is to attend a cosmetic consultation with several dentists in your area to discuss your individual needs and gain an exact quote so that you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your smile and budget. 

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Get even more savvy with our FAQ'S

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Teeth veneers are a thin facing that covers the front side of your tooth.  Veneers are used in situations when the cosmetic appearance of the tooth would benefit from having a new fresh covering on the front over a full-coverage crown that requires more tooth structure to be removed.  

Teeth veneers work by permanently cementing a full facing on the front of an existing tooth to provide a more aesthetic appearance. 

If well cared for, teeth veneers will last for many years.  However, many factors will impact the longevity of a tooth veneer.  These include diet, how the teeth come together, trauma, risk level of developing decay and infection in the tooth, professional and home care routines.  The best way to ensure you keep your tooth veneer for as long as possible is to follow a strict home care routine and visit the dentist every six months to allow them to inspect the tooth veneer and the underlying tooth structure to make sure everything is still healthy and sound.

There are two products dentists will use to make your new teeth veneer

  1. A direct tooth veneer is made out of composite resin.  The same plastic material used when you have a routine tooth filling.  Using composite resin is a more cost-effective and quick solution to changing the look of a tooth, however, this material is not as strong, will stain more easily and is prone to chipping and breakages.  You may need to have it replaced or repaired every few years depending on your care routines and other factors that will impact the materials long term stability.  
  2. The second option dentists use for a tooth veneer, and the most commonly used is porcelain ceramic.  This material is far stronger, harder wearing and less prone to chipping and stain.  A tooth veneer made out of Porcellian also tends to look more natural in the smile since a lab technician will customise the shade and shape to match your existing teeth perfectly.  

Any time a dentist takes a drill to a tooth it causes some trauma to the living tooth structure.  Every layer of the tooth has nerve endings and adds strength to the overall tooth.  Therefore when you remove any amount of tooth structure it is considered damaging to the tooth to some degree.  If done well, by an expert who understands the impact of removing more tooth structure than is needed to make room for a tooth veneer, this treatment is considered relatively safe.  The cause for concern is due to the fact that most teeth undergoing teeth veneer treatment are usually healthy, vital teeth that have never had a filling or any treatment done to them, and since teeth veneers are considered to be a cosmetic service rather than for a functional purpose, some may say having a teeth veneer is causing unnecessary damage to a perfectly healthy tooth.

Yes – frustratingly this does happen.  Teeth veneers are fixed in place using a very strong and complex bonding system, however, over time this bond does lose its strength, and if the tooth veneer is knocked or pulled in just the right way, it can dislodge and come off.  Most often teeth veneers come off when a patient is eating a simple sandwich or a piece of fruit.  The biting down and ripping action needed to eat these foods is sometimes enough to pull the veneer out of place.  Not to worry!  It is usually a simple fix so long as you still have the veneer and no damage has been caused to your natural tooth.  Simply contact your dentist and let them know what’s happened and they will book a time to recement your tooth veneer back in place.

Teeth veneers, as small and simple as they may seem, are actually one of the most complex in-direct services a dentist offers.  It requires a significant amount of skill, finesse and time to perfect the look, feel and fit.  In addition to the dentist’s abilities and your time in the chair, a lab technician is also needed to make the tooth veneer off-site in a dental laboratory.  A naturally looking veneer comes at a cost if you wish to have a new tooth that is in perfect alignment with the rest of your smile.  Teeth veneers are considered to be the most expensive cosmetic treatment a dentist offers; however, it does provide the most immediate impact if you wish to change the look of your smile for the better.

You can choose to have a single veneer if just one tooth is unmatched to the rest of your smile, or if you want a full smile makeover you can opt to have every tooth in your smile line treated with a veneer for a total revamp of each tooth.  The sky, and your hip pocket, are usually your only limits.  In saying that, if you are looking at treating just one of your two front teeth with a veneer the dentist may suggest getting both central teeth done at the same time.  Doing so will give you far better continuity to your smile with regards to the shade, shape and overall look versus just having one brand new tooth sitting front and centre next to an older more worn down tooth.

Unfortunately, the material used to create any sort of tooth veneer will not be affected by teeth bleach or teeth whitening solutions on the market.  It is advised to have your teeth whitened prior to getting your new tooth veneer so that the dentist can match your veneer to the new bright white colour of your freshly bleached teeth.  Keep in mind you will need to maintain a regular routine of whitening your teeth so that it continues to match the colour of your teeth veneer over time.

In theory, you should be able to munch your way through most food and drinks that come your way, however, caution is advised.  A basic rule to follow is to minimise or avoid biting into hard, tough and sticky foods directly with your tooth veneer.  Since the veneer is bonded in place and is not locked in by any other mechanics other than relying on the strength of the cement, it is possible for it to be pulled off with sticky foods, or damaged from hard and tough foods such as nuts and firm lollies.  Becoming mindful of your veneer when you eat and purposeful as you position your teeth to bite into foods, will go a long way to keeping it in place for as long as possible.  

1. Visit the dentist every six months for a review to make sure the bond is holding strong,  there are no chips or cracks and the underlying tooth is healthy.

2. Have professional teeth cleaning every six months during your dental check-up to remove the hardened bacteria that naturally traps around the margins of any tooth veneer and any stain the tooth has picked up since your last visit.

3. Avoid biting directly into hard, tough and sticky foods with your veneer.

4. Brush twice a day as you normally would using a manual or electric toothbrush.

5. Floss once a day between the tooth veneer and the adjacent teeth to remove any food debris and plaque between the teeth.  

6. If you clench or grind your teeth, speak to your dentist about protecting your tooth veneer with a bite splint that you wear at night.  This will help to prevent chipping, cracking and early loss of the tooth veneer from the damaging forces of bruxing.


Patients seeking out teeth veneers often do so because they are embarrassed and self-conscious by the look of their teeth.  Teeth veneers enhance the smile the moment they are cemented and give patients the ability to choose the colour and shape they want.  A dental expert will support the patient by offering advice and suggestions making sure the new teeth veneers blend and match perfectly to the person’s facial features and look natural in the smile line. 

Teeth veneers made from porcelain are designed and built by highly skilled dental lab technicians.  Due to the accuracy needed to ensure the tooth veneers fit well and look amazing, dedication and training in the area of dental prosthetics are needed.  Ideally, a tooth veneer will cause minimal damage to the tooth as the dentist makes every effort to only remove enough tooth structure to make room for the veneer facing to be cemented in place.

The overall procedure to have a tooth veneer is much the same as a dental crown.  It generally requires two 1 hour appointments spaced two weeks apart to complete.  This makes it a relatively quick solution to an unsightly smile.

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