Dental patients are evolving.
join the platform that meets their needs, and yours!

AirSmile connects you with patients who best fit your schedule, your expertise, and your team’s direction. 

Find out how AirSmile can help grow your business.

How AirSmile works for practices.

AirSmile’s founders brought decades of experience in practice management, business ownership and patient engagement to design a unique marketplace. 

Here’s how we make sure the AirSmile system works for you.

Motivated and ready patients.

We attract thousands of motivated patients eager to find the right dentist and get started with treatment immediately.
We attract your ideal patient.

We only charge for results.

To celebrate the launch of AirSmile, only pay when you get a new patient through your door for consultation.  
No risk – only rewards!

Instant profile access.

Every AirSmile patient comes with a comprehensive profile with existing clinical records available to view and download.
Build trust in seconds.

compare dentists near you on airsmile

Stand out from the crowd.

Until now, getting in front of patients who are perfectly aligned with your practice has been costly and often difficult to achieve.  The AirSmile system allows patients to easily sort and filter their preferred options to locate a dentist that meets their individual needs.

No more spending time with patients that don’t match your business model.

Unbiased directory.

Practices are displayed in order of closes to the patient’s location.  From there, patients can sort and filter to find exactly what they are looking for and book online with a dentist that’s right for them in seconds

Only see patients that want what you offer.

Maintain control.

You have complete control over the fees and visible detail patients see around pricing, services, practice offerings and appointment availability.

You’re in charge of how you look.

A more open playing field.

AirSmile evens the landscape, allowing all practices to get out from under Google page rankings and lets the patient decide who gets put in front of them.

Less SEO, more dentistry.

How to get more new patients with AirSmile.
boost your online marketing, for free!


Claim your profile.

Complete our easy online registration in minutes to claim your FREE practice profile and we’ll have you appearing in 24 hours


Access your secure portal.

We’ll email you a link to your private online portal where you can manage your listing, online bookings and patient interactions 


Welcome new patients.

Create online booking times with ease in the Booking Centre or sit back and let patients contact you by phone or email


Claim your practice profile and become live on the platform within 24 hours.

A secure practice portal.

Manage your private cloud-based AirSmile portal from anywhere.

All-in-one dashboard.

Designed by a practice manager to put everything at your fingertips to manage bookings and view your performance.

Helpful business management tools.

Comprehensive patient files.

Individual patient profiles showcase contact and appointment details, treatment quotes and previous records for download.

Know who your new patients are.

They keep coming back.

You only get charged once, but the superior experience of using AirSmile keeps your practice top of mind.

We encourage loyalty, to you.


How AirSmile works for patients.

After years of market research and dental industry experience, we’ve put everything in place we know people want from an online marketplace.


Patients choose what they need.

With every booking option available on one screen, patients can choose the type of booking they need and begin their search for a dentist in seconds.

The search begins with one click.


Every detail on display.

Patients want to book with confidence.  We’ve made this possible by displaying every detail a patient would need to find and book with a dentist they will love.

Patients feel empowered to decide.


Total self-management.

AirSmile gives patients the power and control to manage every aspect of their oral health – something that has been missing in dental for far too long!

A new level of control in dental.

Practice Partner Benefits.

AirSmile is designed to focus dental marketing and acquisition activities, reducing the noise in the bigger digital ecosystem – helping dentists connect quickly and easily with patients aligned with the way they choose to operate.

Better return on investment.

It can cost upwards of $100 to acquire one new patient through regular digital marketing, with no guarantee you’re reaching the right type of patient for your practice.  AirSmile targets your profile and only charges when you get a result.

Target your spend.

Online booking included.

Reach a wider audience by offering online booking directly through AirSmile.  Best of all, we don’t charge extra to utilize our online booking system and with only 17% of dental practices offering online booking, you’ll be sure to come out on top.

Never miss out on bookings.

Increased lifetime value.

AirSmile patients come to our platform because they are highly motivated to find the right dentist and start treatment immediately.  Because we have helped establish trust in you they tend to stay longer and say ‘yes’ to proposed treatment.

Strong longlasting relationships.

Still not sure if AirSmile can help your business grow?

Book a call with an AirSmile representative now to find out more.

Speak to industry professionals.

You’ll speak with experienced and passionate dental professionals (just like you) who have helped design everything AirSmile has to offer.

No call centres.

One call will answer it all.

We know some dentists might be concerned about such a revolutionary platform hitting the market.  Let us help ease your mind that we’ve got both you and your patients at heart.

Expect total transparency.

There’s no risk to join.

With our current offer to join with no financial risk, since you only pay when a patient arrives for an appointment, what have you got to lose?

Risk-free new patient acquisition.

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Over 2 million Australians put off going to the dentist every year.

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1.5 million Australians listed convenience as a major barrier.
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Left on the table every year by the median sized dental practice.
0 %
Of Australians trust online reviews more than traditional advertising.
0 %
Of Australians prefer businesses with mobile apps targeting location.
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Of consumers connect with businesses they’ve found in-app within 24 hours.
Sources: ABS (2017), Nectafy, Dentacoin, Think with Google.

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Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
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Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.
patient login on airsmile


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.