Even dentistry evolves with digital.
join a revolutionary dental platform.

AirSmile connects you with patients who best fit your schedule, your expertise, and your team’s direction. 

Why use AirSmile?

AirSmile’s founders brought decades of clinical and practice experience to designing the platform.  Here’s how we make sure the system works for you.

More and better patients.

Thousands of patients more ready to choose long term treatment, booking directly with your clinic.
Acquisition just got easier.

Reduced marketing costs.

AirSmile brings patients to a single platform, then connects your clinic for far below traditional spends.
Acquisition just got cheaper.

Quick clinical adaptation.

We’re designed by experienced practice managers to easily work alongside your managing systems.
Management just got simpler.

More patients, better patients.

Becoming an AirSmile partner offers unique opportunities to find not just more patients, but patients who help your practice thrive.

Thousands in one place.

AirSmile uses a powerful and convenient platform to gather thousands of ready patients.
Patients love AirSmile partners.

Ready for treatment.

AirSmile patients are more proactive in seeking long term
treatment plans for serious oral health.
Less consulting, more treatment.

No more sticker shock.

AirSmile patients have used the app to scope and plan treatment, including time to digest and accept costs.
Stop apologising for your fees!

AirSmile Dentists

Lower your overheads.

AirSmile is designed to focus dental marketing and acquisition activity, reducing the noise in the bigger digital ecosystem and helping clinics connect quickly and easily.

Better return on investment.

Secure more targeted exposure to genuine prospective clients for better return on investment.
Target your spend.

Reduce your marketing costs.

Your cost per acquisition will immediately drop, and over time you can phase out other expenses.
Acquisition you can count on.

Longer term patients.

AirSmile patients tend to stay longer and seek more comprehensive treatments, so your onboarding costs are reduced.
Do the better value work.

Make AirSmile work for your clinic.

On top of bringing you patients, AirSmile works with practice management software and systems, creating one place to manage all AirSmile appointments.

Easy patient record access.

AirSmile delivers patient records with immediacy and transparency,
simplifying your process. Save admin time.

Control your pricing detail.

Maintain control over fees and visible detail seen around pricing and treatment breakdown. You’re in charge.

A more open playing field.

AirSmile evens the landscape, allowing all practices to get out from under Google page rankings. Less SEO, more dentistry.

How AirSmile works.

As dentists and practice managers, AirSmile’s originators brought decades of first-hand experience to making a system that works powerfully and seamlessly for practices.


We source.

We’ve done all the marketing and acquisition through our app, you just get ready for the patients.
More patients, better patients.


We deliver.

Our portal transfers you the bookings and records—so you can plan and treat with confidence.
Control the treatment.


You manage.

Our portal allows you to work seamlessly along side your practice management system.
Easily manage patients.

How the dental portal works.

Portal for it all.

Cloud-based to access anywhere, and dashboard designed by a practice manager to put everything at your fingertips.
All in one place.

Patients on a platter.

Get motivated patients to your door with the bonus of quotes, appointment details and records downloadable before appointments.
Easy patient management.

They keep coming back.

You only get charged once, but the superior experience of using AirSmile keeps your practice top of mind and patients coming back.
Working hard for you.

Book a call with a specialist today.
We’ll help make AirSmile cRystal clear.

Speak to industry professionals.

You’ll speak with experienced practice managers who helped
design AirSmile.

No call centres.

One call will answer it all.

Our team are completely ready to answer any and every
question you could have.

Total transparency.

Get patients to your door.

The sooner you get started, the sooner AirSmile can be
delivering more and better patients.

Get ahead of the curve.

Over 2 million Australians put off going to the dentist every year.
1.5 million Australians listed convenience as a major barrier.
Left on the table every year by the median sized dental practice.
Of Australians trust online reviews more than traditional advertising.
Of Australians prefer businesses with mobile apps targeting location.
Of consumers connect with businesses they’ve found in-app within 24 hours.
Sources: ABS (2017), Nectafy, Dentacoin, Think with Google.

AirSmile changes the game in dental.
Supercharge your practice.


More patients, better patients.

Patients are motivated, proactive, and ready to do some real work.

Less marketing, cheaper acquisition.

You’ll pay far less per acquistion, and spend less time trying to rank on Google..

By dentists, for dentists.

We’re dentists and practice managers by career, the tech always comes after that.
Start AirSmiling today!

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Whether you’re patient or a dentist, AirSmile is here to make the perfect connection a reality.


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.