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What is meant by a Prosthodontist?

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What do prosthodontists do?

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Prosthodontist explained

Dr. Sarah explains everything you need to know
about prosthodontics services

Prosthodontics is a widespread specialty. You can easily find a prosthodontist close to your residence, through a simple online search for “prosthodontist near me”. While most general dentists are highly capable of providing great long-term restoration options such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, an alternative is to seek out the services of a prosthodontist specialist who has dedicated their career and training to the art of restoring the dentition with lab-made solutions.  Especially when your condition is complicated or needs a more keen eye and well-trained hands to deliver the results you need for a healthy and strong smile.

When do I need a prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are needed when your teeth need to receive an indirect restoration, meaning one that involves preparation of the teeth, impressions taken, and laboratory involvement. Examples include:

  1. Teeth that need protection:

    Your tooth would need protection from the biting forces when they become weakened and at high risk of breakage under these forces. When your tooth suffers a trauma, leading to breakage of a big part of it, a simple filling may not be enough to compensate for the missing part, and a crown will probably be needed.
    Another example of teeth needing protection is those which received root canal treatments. After root canals, the teeth are cut off from their source of nutrition and minerals and are therefore severely weakened. A crown over the root canal-treated teeth is necessary for their longevity.

  2. Teeth that need replacement:

    When a tooth is lost (either due to decay, periodontal disease, trauma, or any other cause) you should strive to replace it as soon as possible. A lost tooth causes disruption of the entire balance inside the mouth. The neighboring teeth start migrating to the empty space, and the opposing teeth start to grow taller into that empty space, not to mention that chewing and possibly speech are highly compromised. Tooth replacement options are numerous, and you would need a prosthodontist specialist for all of them, including:

    a. Dentures:
    A safe, easy, and affordable option, but is uncomfortable for most patients and would require a lot of maintenance and adjustments.

    b. Bridges:
    A fixed option, so a lot more comfortable. The prosthodontist would prepare (or file down) the teeth next to the empty space, and manufacture a bridge to span that space.

    c. Implants:
    The best solution in most cases. While a trained dental professional trained in placing implants, or a specialized dental surgeon such as a periodontist or maxillofacial doctor would perform the first stage (the surgical phase), a prosthodontist will be needed when it’s time to fit a crown over the implant (the prosthetic phase).


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How much does a prosthodontist cost?

The costs are a wide range according to the type of restoration needed, the experience of that prosthodontist and his location.

On average, Crowns cost between $1100 and $1900. Zirconium and all-porcelain crowns are also available and considered more esthetic options, but could be a bit more costly, ranging from $1300 to $2100. Dentures on the other hand could cost up to $3800 for a full set of upper and lower teeth.

Indirect restorations are one of the most expensive procedures, and unfortunately, they are almost never covered by insurance, even with extras. They can be quite a burden, however, are also incredibly necessary to avoid loss of more teeth, making the situation more dire and far more expensive.

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Get even more savvy with our FAQ'S

Understanding your condition is the key to making the right choices for you


A Prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in indirect restorations. These require preparation of the teeth, impressions and laboratory involvement in their manufacturing.

Most dentists are capable of providing successful restorations, but prosthodontists are more specialized and capable of handling more complex cases.

They provide restorations that cannot be made directly in the dental clinic, but rather need involvement from a dental laboratory.

They mainly prepare the teeth to receive the restorations such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

A consultation from a prosthodontist may be needed when your case is more than a simple crown over a broken tooth, or when more than one tooth is missing. They are more equipped to handle more complex cases that require extra attention and experience.

Unfortunately, unlike most dental procedures, prosthodontics is almost never covered by insurance, even with extras.

A consultation from a specialist could cost up to $150 according to the location of the clinic/lab and experience / skill set. Further charges will apply if you receive a restoration such as a crown or denture afterwards.

The initial consultation is not different from any dental appointment. The prosthodontist will analyze the problem, try to explain the causes of that problem and how to avoid them in the future, and offer multiple solutions. For prosthodontists, these are usually types of restorations to replace missing teeth, such as dentures, bridges and implants. The following appointments would involve preparing the teeth to receive any of the above types of restorations, impression taking and covering the teeth with a temporary cover. The final phase is delivery, where the restoration is inserted inside your mouth and fine adjustments are made.

Questions related to types of restorations available and which type is more suitable for your case are all needed. You should know as much information as you can before making an informed decision, as this decision will not only affect you financially, but will affect the quality of your lifestyle as well.


Prosthodontics is the art and science of replacing missing teeth. A Prosthodontic device or restoration is one used when your tooth is lost or extracted, or when it needs to be protected, as in cases after root canal treatment and trauma causing fractures to your teeth. A prosthodontist specialist is one who focuses all their training and energy on that particular field. Most prosthodontists do not perform other dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, and extractions, but they work closely with general dentists and other dental specialties to devise a great treatment plan for you.

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