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What is teeth

Learn how teeth whitening works to improve your smile.

Teeth whitening is an elective cosmetic dental treatment that involves placing a dental-specific bleach solution on the tooth surface for the manufacturer’s recommended period of time in an effort to make them brighter and whiter than their current shade.  Most people using teeth whitening solutions can expect to change the colour of their teeth two to three shades whiter than the current colour.  Teeth whitening is most effective at changing the colour of yellow-brown stained teeth and slightly less effective on grey-black coloured teeth, however, with the right advice, guidance and teeth whitening solution suited to your needs, you can look forward to achieving great results that will enhance the look of your smile.  It is important to note that teeth whitening or teeth bleaching will only change the colour of the natural tooth structure (enamel), and will not alter the colour of existing dental fillings, porcelain and ceramic crowns, or acrylic dentures.  

Teeth whitening will also not change the colour of certain discolourations deep within the tooth structure such as damage to the nerve of the tooth causing the internal canals to turn black making the tooth appear grey/black.

Most commonly, teeth whitening is done at home using a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit or in-office under the supervision of a dental professional. For maximum results, teeth whitening is best done at a dental clinic with a trained dental professional using a high strength teeth bleach in a safe and supportive environment. 

The teeth whitening product is usually a peroxide – most commonly carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. They also have desensitizing products in the gel to make the process more gentle.

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How much does
teeth whitening cost?

How much does teeth whitening cost?

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DIY teeth whitening cost of kits purchased online or from a chemist or beauty salon.  The cost of these kits can range from $70 – $150.  At-home teeth whitening cost of kits supplied by a dental professional.  Dental practices will normally charge between $200 – $400 for home teeth whitening kits which includes custom made trays that help to increase your teeth whitening results.  In-office professional teeth whitening costs will be between $300 – $900 depending on the method being used, time in the chair and location of the clinic.

What are the
advantages of teeth whitening?

Improved confidence

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What are the advantages
of teeth whitening?
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Teeth can become discoloured for several reasons, mainly; Age. Diet, Smoking, Trauma, Genetics, Infection, Medical History and Medications.

Some teeth will stain more easily than others and an individual’s teeth will also respond differently to teeth whitening procedures.  The type of stain and the method used to treat discoloured teeth will determine the result of any whitening treatment.

At-home whitening is the most cost-effective solution to whitening your teeth, however, the strength of the bleaching gel is not as powerful as the product dentists and dental professionals are licenced and trained to use.  Therefore, if you want to achieve maximum results and get the whitest teeth colour possible you are best to have your teeth whitening treatment completed by a dentist.

To maintain the whitest shade your teeth will naturally go when having teeth whitening done, it is suggested to have teeth whitening every 6 – 12 months.  The best way to keep your teeth at their brightest is to visit the dentist every six months for a professional clean and stain removal and follow this up with a few days of teeth whitening at home with a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit. 


Patients can develop sensitivity ranging from a few hours of slight cold sensitivity to a 24 hour period of sharp ‘zinging’ pain shooting through individual teeth.  The level of teeth sensitivity and discomfort following teeth whitening treatments will depend on the health and condition of your teeth and gums, what percentage of teeth whitening bleach solution is used and the type of teeth whitening procedure you have.  Your oral health carers can recommend products that will help reduce sensitivity post teeth whitening to help manage any discomfort.  

Any sensitivity or discomfort should end within 24hours.  If symptoms continue please seek advice from a dental professional.

If you have areas of active diseases, such as decay (tooth rot), inflamed and bleeding gums, hypersensitive teeth, extensive dental treatment that won’t change colour under a teeth whitening procedure or are pregnant or under age, a dental professional might refuse to offer any sort of teeth whitening service as it will risk the health of your mouth and cause a current condition to become worse.

Unfortunately, the whitening gel will not change the colour of any teeth fillings, crowns or restorative work in the mouth.  It will only work on natural tooth structure.  Therefore, it is advised to have your teeth whitened prior to having any teeth fillings and work done so that any restorative treatments can be matched to the new white shade post-whitening.

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