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Thousands of dentists in your pocket.

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A dental platform designed for patients.
That’s dental, but transparent.

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Compare dentists to find the best fit.
That’s dental, but independent.

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Treatment that suits your schedule and budget.
That’s dental, but flexible.

AirSmile is a game-changing platform for finding the dental care you need, when and how you need it… and it’s free!

This is Charlie.
He got dental. But better.

Charlie wanted better dental.

He was about to spend 3 hours talking to receptionists, finding hit-and-miss pricing, and then having to find and send his records. He’d never get that time back. Who’s got time for that?

Then Charlie found AirSmile.

Charlie uploaded his quote, then immediately matched his dental needs with local and available dentists with ratings, reviews and prices. Wow, that was easy.

Now Charlie loves dental.

Charlie found the dentist of his dreams. He feels great about getting ahead of any dental problems before they begin, and he’s not only smiling more—he’s loving his smile. We love it too.

charlie checking phone

Taking care of your teeth with AirSmile.
It’s dental, but simple.


Login to AirSmile.

Everything dental in one place, a thousand dentists at your fingertips.
Too easy.


Own your dental.

Control your records, control the treatment plan, control cost and scheduling.
Own that smile.


Find your dream dentist.

Compare dentists on whatever’s important to you—reviews, costs, availability and area.
Love your dentist.

1 in 5 Australians avoid dental due to cost.
That’s a big problem. But solveable.

Mystery pricing?

You never know what to expect, pricing is variable and hard to plan for. Hip pocket heebie jeebies.

Browse quotes and compare!

Find dentists with the expertise, availability and fees that suit. Your dental budget goes a lot further when you’re in charge and have choice. Choose what suits. Save money and smile.

Time consuming?

Ringing around and visiting takes ages—right when you’re stressed. Like a part-time job.

Get care fast! Book online.

Crunch hours of research down into minutes, build out the schedule that suits with calendar integration. Book fast appointments.

Out of control?

Want to change dentists? Not so easy without your records or plan. Too hard basket.

Love your dentist!

Request and send dental records with a swipe to take back control. Who ever thought you’d look forward to taking care of your teeth? Now you’re AirSmiling.

We’re all about making you smile.
That’s dental, but happy.

“This platform is going to give me peace of mind I’m getting the best dentist and good value all in one.”

Marcy, QLD

“This app is all about the patient! No more guessing. Loving the choice and that I can keep all my records on there too!”

Michael, Gold Coast

“I know patients are going to love this!”

Ash, QLD

Swipe your way to an amazing smile.
That’s dental, but easy.


Select or scan.

Scan to compare a current quote, or select from one of our routine appointments.


Use AirSmile to request your dental records, including x-rays and any treatment plans.


Find your dentist.

Browse dentist ratings and review, search by price, area, expertise and availability.


Get quotes from dentists who want your business — and suit your schedule and budget.


Schedule and book.

Book and schedule your appointments online with live calendar integration.


Plan your treatment ahead to get the most from your budget and schedule.

The dental platform designed for patients.
That’s dental, but different.

Nobody loves needing dental. But we all love it done expertly, quickly, and affordably. Until now that’s been… a little hit and miss. Paying too much, records locked away, guesswork about skill levels, packed schedules. A lot miss actually. But not anymore.
airsmile charlie

Get Updates

Whether you’re a patient or a dentist, AirSmile is here to make the perfect connection a reality.


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.