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AirSmile was created to give instant access to compare the things important to you when choosing a dentist

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How AirSmile works
always free, always for patients


Select an appointment

Verify your email and begin. Choose to book routine care visits or upload an existing treatment plan to get instant comparison quotes from our members

Options to suit every need


Filter your search

Take advantage of our transparent platform for patients by filtering your search to find a dentist that offers exactly what you need, when you need it

Comparing your care is easy


Manage your visits

Book an appointment in seconds and manage every visit with AirSmile.  Check-in, reschedule and rebook with your new dentist right from the palm of your hand

Now you’re in control

More features that


Own your records

Did you know that you can own a copy of your previous dental records? AirSmile helps you do this.  Upload any dental file and we will pass them along to your new AirSmile dentist when you book

Own, store and share anytime

Save your quotes

Keeping tabs on the cost of your ongoing care can be tricky.  Upload your treatment plans, compare costs to complete work, save your favourite practices, and keep every detail in AirSmile for the future

Compare and record your care

Earn cash off visits

We value fans of AirSmile! Share your unique code with friends or scan the QR code when you arrive at your appointment and we’ll award you points.  Reach 100 points and claim $20 off your next booking

Get rewarded for your efforts

Compare what’s important to you

and get instant quotes on the treatment you need


Get a copy of your plan/quote

To compare the cost and type of care you want against our AirSmile members you’ll need a copy of the treatment plan quote for work recommended to you at a recent dental visit.

Don’t have a copy of your plan and quote for treatment?

Call the practice or request a copy using AirSmile.


Scan or upload the plan

Choose ‘add a plan’ and take a photo or upload the document from your device.  Our system will take the necessary treatment info off your plan/quote and ask you to confirm the details have been gathered correctly.

Click confirm and you’ll be instantly shown a list of practices nearby that offer the same treatments you need.


Compare and book

Browse our list of AirSmile members and compare the things important to you.

Filter your search by reputation, services, payment options, location, availability and the total price to complete the treatment you need.

Once you’ve found a perfect dentist for you, book online in second and manage your appointments through AirSmile.

The problems people are facing

People fear the dentist

This we know – but it’s not always the noise, smell or drill people fear.  It’s making the wrong decision that could cost them time, money and confidence in getting the treatment they urgently need to stay healthy and pain-free

Transparency is the solution

Overwhelming decisions 

When you find out you have dental disease you’re often thrown into a spin. What treatment option is best for me and my budget? How does my insurance work – should I even have it? Which dentist do I put my trust and money in the hands of?

Clarity is the solution.

Comparing dentists is hard

Other digital marketplaces only give you half the story to help you decide the best dentist for you.  Obtaining instant quotes and second opinions on work you need, without attending multiple consultations, has been made near impossible

An unbiased marketplace is the solution

Why was AirSmile created?

6.3 million people miss out on enjoying the foods they love

Around a quarter of Australian adults say they avoid some foods because of the condition of their teeth. The consequence is widespread poor overall health. 

Our people’s health is declining

Most dental disease is completely avoidable with general care

In most cases, gum disease, decay, mouth and tooth infections can all be avoided with regular check-ups, professional teeth cleanings and a simple home care routine

Pain and extra expense can be avoided

Dental emergencies clogging up our hospitals

Over 70% of dental related emergency visits are caused by conditions that could have been prevented with earlier intervention by a general dentist

Stressed public health system

Oral cancer is one of the most common throughout the world

Oral cancers are among the most prevalent cancers worldwide resulting in 180 000
deaths each year.  In Australia, 900 intraoral cancer cases are diagnosed annually

Early detection saves lives

We are wasting time and money on fixing problems

Adults aged 15 years and over have an average of 12.8 out of 32 decayed, missing and filled teeth. This statistic is set to continue, perhaps rise, if we don’t act now

The cost is more than dollars

There’s not enough dentistry happening to those who need it

Three in 10 adults between the ages of 25 and 44 have untreated tooth decay. Even more shocking, 1 in 4 children (aged 5 to 10) have untreated decay in their baby teeth

We need to do better!

Designed for patients
by those in the know

We are bringing change to the way people manage their dental care. We are the industries pioneers determined to lead the charge to a better way to connect patients with the right dentist for them. We do this by growing the AirSmile digital marketplace with dentists who believe in our vision for the future. This empowers us to give patients the freedom and ability to take control and have full transparency around the decisions they make to improve and maintain their oral health.

Get on the free-to-use platform that brings you convenience, control and transparency.

Join AirSmile!

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Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.