that’s Dental, but helpful.

We’re working super hard to get as many practices to join AirSmile so our patients have an abundance of choice. But we’re new to the industry, and dentists need a little push from the public to get them to jump onboard.


Here’s where you come in. Click INVITE whenever prompted browsing on AirSmile. We’ll send an invitation to every dental practice close by with a special request from you encouraging them to join AirSmile. Your invite will be completely anonymous but a huge help in getting us growing.

We’ve gathered the most recent data from the Australian Dental Association on what the average cost is for each dental service (item code) in each state.  We use this to show the industries standard minimum and maximum cost of your treatment quote based on the information you have uploaded from your existing treatment plan.


This is the most accurate comparison data on what dentists charge, on average, in your area for dental treatments.  Since we weren’t able to match you to an AirSmile Partner during your search, this is our next best offering – allowing you to better understand the costs associated with your dental care plan that’s been provided to you.  


Want a more accurate second opinion?  INVITE dentists in your area to join AirSmile now and let’s work together to get more transparency and control for all Australians.  

We hear you! There’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo in the dental world and unfortunately we need that to communicate your treatment needs from dentist to dentist and dentist to health insurance companies.

When you scan or upload your treatment plan quote into AirSmile our high-tech system will pick up all the information so we can source quotes from our members instantly for you to view and choose from.


TIP: Don’t forget to hit SAVE on your favourite practices and quotes as you go along – making it super simple to compare quotes later via the QUOTES section.

One of two things happened here.


One – the system didn’t pick up all the information on your plan making it impossible to run through our system to obtain comparison quotes. Try uploading the quote one more time and make extra sure the data entered is 100% the same on AirSmile as it appears on your original treatment plan quote.


If that doesn’t work, it might be because you have an item code on there that doesn’t match our system. Dentists sometimes make up item codes specific to their practice for in-house use only – our system won’t pick these up. To find this out, you’ll need to contact the practice you’ve received the quote from and ask the question. If the item code they’ve used is not part of the industries standard coding system, ask them to remove it from your quote and resend it to you so you can upload and try again.


IMPORTANT: Just be sure to keep the removal of this service from your original plan in mind when comparing costs as you won’t receive a comparison quote through AirSmile. We also suggest taking the original copy along to your first consultation to show the AirSmile Dentist what wasn’t included so they can discuss this with you on the day.


If neither of those options work, shoot us an email with your treatment plan attached to [email protected] – we’ll help you out.


Two – There aren’t any registered AirSmile Partners in your area!

We need as many dentists on-board in all areas far and wide so you can get as many comparison quotes as possible no matter where you live. We’re trying hard to get dentists to sign up but it’s a process and it takes time. You can help speed things up by sending an invitation for new dentists to join AirSmile. Click INVITE whenever prompted and we’ll send every dentist close by an email telling them all about AirSmile and that you’re keen to see them in our directory – completely anonymous of course.

Great question! Dental disease can progress slowly, or super fast.

In order for AirSmile dentists to offer you a comparison quote you can both rely on, they need to know that, in principle, the disease that was diagnosed by your last dentist is relatively unchanged. Six months is the maximum amount of time we allow because in our experience, disease – in most cases – hasn’t progressed so far that it would cause the plan to change rapidly (but it does happen so be prepared!).


When you go to your consultation to confirm the treatment plan, both you and your new AirSmile dentist can assume that the treatment needed is relatively the same as you’ve been told by your previous dentist. In the T&C’s, you’ll read that you can’t hold any dentist to the quote they provide through AirSmile and it’s their duty of care to do a thorough exam, diagnose the disease and suggest the best course of treatment as they deem appropriate and ethical.


For your benefit, please allow our AirSmile dentist to do the necessary checks and balances to create their own plan for you on the day. This is actually one of the best things about AirSmile – total transparency and upfront cost comparison. You have control because you know what’s been diagnosed by two different dentists and now you can make an informed decision on the best care for you.


If your treatment plan has expired, book a CHECK UP via AirSmile and search through our directory to find your perfect dentist and you’ll be AirSmiling in no time.

Probably not too much more than what happened at your previous appointment when you had the exam and were given the original quote; unless you chose to start treatment on the day when you booked.

Our AirSmile dentist might want to take additional x-rays and do a comprehensive exam, and honestly, that’s awesome if they do! Just be sure to ask if there’s any additional charges involved as the AirSmile quote provided might be for the consultation only. Always make sure you’ve downloaded all your previous dental records into your AirSmile profile prior to the appointment to save the dentist having to double up on any recent x-rays you’ve had.

The consultation appointment to confirm the treatment plan and the quote is designed to offer you total control and transparency over your dental health. Even though you’ve had one dentist already check and offer their diagnosis, your new AirSmile dentist might not totally agree with what they recommended, and that’s cool. All we ask is that you give them 20 minutes or so to make their own diagnosis and offer you their opinion and suggestions on best care for you. We’ve asked them to treat you as if you were one of their own family members. So please be understanding and a patient patient during this process. Use this time as a chance to get to know them and build trust. Trust doesn’t come easy in the dental world but when you have it, you’ll know you found the perfect dentist!

Each AirSmile Partner offers the option for your first visit to include starting basic treatment on the day – or you can choose to just have your quote reviewed and treatment plan confirmed at this first appointment.  The consultation fee displayed is the cost of a comprehensive examination and written quote based on the dentists findings on the day.  Remember, there may be some changes to your original plan if your AirSmile dentist suggests an alternative approach.

We love this!  More options and varied opinions to base your decision on what’s right for you is what AirSmile is all about.

Hopefully you’ve managed to get hold of your recent x-rays so you won’t need those to be taken again, but if you do – the dentist will give you a quote for this during your visit.  

To start treatment on the day, select ‘Consult and Start Treatment’ when booking your first appointment from your Plan or Saved Quotes.  The practice will know to allow more time for your initial visit if you opt to begin treatment on the day. 

Be sure to know the cost of any additional services provided on top of the consultation and examination before you begin any extra work.

We’ve made this process easy-peezy.

Have you got dental records ready to upload? Yes! Great – read on!

In the side menu under Dental Records you can scan or upload as many records as you like and categorize them however suits you. Add as many x-rays, photos and any other documents relating to your dental care as you like and manage, store and share directly from your AirSmile account.

Need to get your records from your previous dentist but don’t know how?

It takes seconds via AirSmile! Hit REQUEST in the AirSmile app and enter your previous dentist’s details and we’ll send off a request to have your records sent directly to your email. Once they arrive in your inbox, save to your phone – upload – sort – and share to your heart’s content.

TIP: Because we allow access to your records upon booking with one of our AirSmile dentists, uploading any previous dental records to your profile could save considerable time and money at your next appointment – so it pays to get all your oral health records into AirSmile prior to your appointment.

That’s frustrating but unfortunately those records are the legal property of the dentist and therefore they may require a more formal request to release them directly to you verse going to another allied health professional.

That’s okay – we’ve thought of that too. Simply download this letter (Record Release Formal Request) and fill out your details and send that off.

This letter has been crafted by our team of lawyers to highlight your rights as a patient to have access to your health records and usually does the trick.

Beyond that, it’s probably best to just let it go and use AirSmile to find a new dentist. AirSmile dentists love being transparent and helpful to their patients so you won’t have this problem ever again.

This can happen and it’s mostly a good thing. It puts you back in control of your mouth and finding the care that’s right for you.

No two dentists diagnose and treat disease the same, just as no two architects will design and build your home the same way. If your new AirSmile dentist suggests a different treatment option than the one in your original treatment plan quote, this allows you to think about both options and what feels right to you. Remember, even if things change, our AirSmile dentists have promised to keep all their additional prices on the same level as other prices, so you know you’re getting the same price structure.

Choosing the right dentist comes down to trust, transparency and having a clear understanding of the disease and options to treat it. You’re now in the best position – armed with all the info you need to make an informed decision about what’s right for you. Use this to your advantage – that’s why you signed up to AirSmile right!?

The beauty about AirSmile is you can get as many comparison quotes as you like absolutely FREE! Our advice is – do your homework – trust your gut – follow your heart and you’ll know what’s right for your dental care and hip pocket.  

We’re so glad you asked! Our rewards program is something we’re pretty proud to offer at AirSmile. It gives us a chance to reward our members who help us grow – either by using the platform themselves or helping spread the word by encouraging friends, family and even other dental practices to join.

There’s two main ways you can earn points throughout your AirSmile journey:

  • Attending an appointment and scanning the AirSmile QR Code in reception earns you 10 points.
  • Sending your unique code to a friend and they join earns you 10 points.
  • Plus we have regular promotions on our socials – so keep a look out!

When you reach 100 points, hit REDEEM and you get $20 off your next appointment when you book through AirSmile.

Lucky you found AirSmile! We’re going to match you up with the most perfect dentist for your needs and budget and have you AirSmiling in no time.

Click on BOOK and select from the appointment options. We recommend making your first visit a GENERAL CHECK UP to really get the most out of your initial appointment. Next, you’ll be taken to the AirSmile directory where you can take some time browsing practice profiles and using our filter to select the practices that have exactly what you’re looking for.

Choose your practice – choose your dentist – choose a time and date and BOOK!

That’s a can of worms that we just can’t open here and frankly, we’ve got no idea!

What we will say is it pays to do your homework. Find out what the benefits and cost savings are if you were to join a fund versus paying full fee for dental as you need it.

In our experience, for the majority of people, if you maintain good oral health at home, and go to the dentist every six months to catch small problems before they get big and costly, you might do better to consider not paying the additional premiums each month for dental cover.

However, if you think you’re always going to need just that extra bit of dental work each year, then by all means take up dental cover.

We know that seems like we are sitting on the fence but unfortunately it’s a tricky subject and one heavily contested in the media and healthcare industry. Our advice is to take up the offer by privately run companies online that help you find a health insurer that meets all your needs both financially and matched services tailored to your health care. Their mission is to pull the rug out from under health insurance companies and make the system more transparent and clear for patients. This is a mission close to AirSmile’s heart too so it’s no surprise we encourage you to check them out.

It won’t be long before our system can open its services to children and teenages but for now, it’s proving to be a difficult process to design due to the different fees dentist charge for kids and public dental schemes involved.

Give us some time though and we’ll figure it out and have the same AirSmile benefits available to your whole family.

We love our reviews feature in AirSmile. It gives you, the people, a voice! A chance to share your experience with others so they too can find the dentist of their dreams. It also helps us hold our AirSmile Partners accountable in living up to the oath they took upon joining AirSmile. The AirSmile Oath says that they agree to always offer AirSmile members the highest quality care and attention every single time.

You asked how…

After each appointment booked through AirSmile you’ll be sent a request asking to review your experience with the AirSmile Practice. Please take the time to rate and write a review and hit send. You have no idea what it means to the team that just worked so hard to care for you and make you happy – and our team at AirSmile thrive off 5 star reviews too. It tells us that we’re on the right track having matched you with your perfect dentist!

If you don’t have time to review straight after your appointment, or you miss or deleted the messages, we have one other way to rate and review. Go to Appointment – History in your profile and find the appointment you’re wanting to comment on and hit RATE. Done!

If you’ve had a bad experience, we encourage you to contact the practice directly and share this with the practice manager before posting harmful comments online. Sometimes a simple misunderstanding can blow up into something seemingly huge and it need not get to that point. We know our AirSmile Partners only want to deliver the best service to you. We know that because they took an oath they would when they joined! So please give them a chance to right any wrong before you harm their reputation over possibly something that could have been resolved quietly.


If you’ve experienced poor service from an AirSmile Partner, and feel like your concerns have not been managed well by the practice please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] outlining your concerns. We’ll do our best to help in any way we can.

That’s Dental. But Compassionate


How do I manage my reviews?


This is all done by accessing your profile through our website. Click on ‘I’M A PATIENT’ and go to the Reviews section in the side menu. It’s all there for you to add, edit and respond to any replies posted by the practice.


That’s Dental. But Simple.

To change the email linked to your AirSmile profile please email our team at [email protected] and include the following details:

Email Subject: Email Change Request

Full name

Date of birth

Old email address

New email address

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Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
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Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.
patient login on airsmile


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.