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What is a family dentist?

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What does a family dentist do?

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Family Dentist explained

Dr. Sarah explains everything you need to know
about family dentist services.

A family dentist and family dental practices pride themselves on offering general and sometimes specialized and specific care to both children and adults.  They have dedicated their practice and surgery fit-out to make sure they offer services and creature comforts that will make a trip to the dentist enjoyable for the whole family.

Family dental clinics are a safe and supportive place where children are welcome to play, usually in a fun and dedicated kids play area, and spend time with the dental team learning how to care for their teeth in a relaxed yet exciting child-friendly way.

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A family dentist has chosen to dedicate a large portion of their work and practice fitout to treating children as well as adults.  Their passion lies in preventative care and making sure young ones start life with a solid foundation and understanding of what good oral health care looks like and how to maintain a healthy smile for life.  This passion also involves educating parents and helping them navigate the sometimes confusing methods of how to care for their child’s oral health including brushing techniques, diet, function, and bite, and how to manage any anxiety that might be felt by the child when attending the dentist.

Of course general dentists also share this same passion, however their focus is often on treating adults with more complex restorative and cosmetic conditions which might require additional state of the art equipment and further skills and training in order to offer certain services older patients often need.

That said, general dentists can and will treat patients of all ages therefore if you find a dentist you love and trust and you want them to become your family dentist they will be thrilled to have the whole family along!

Family dental clinics usually offer the same dental care treatments as any other general dentist.  The difference you might notice with a family-focused dental team is that they are excited and passionate about catering to the needs of both young and old patients and have made every effort to create a supportive and fun environment for all ages.  This means the dental treatments and services on offer will ensure everyone’s needs are met in one place.

Family dental care might include:

Finding the right family dentist that can meet the needs of every family member can sometimes seem overwhelming.  How do you know if you are making the right choice for your family?  There are some key factors you might want to consider when choosing your next family dentist and family dental clinic so that you can feel confident that you are getting the best oral health care for everyone, and one that will make sure your children love going to the dentist throughout every stage of their lives.

Important things to consider when choosing a family dentist:

  1. Do they have a dedicated kids zone to keep the young ones occupied and happy during their visits and hours?
  2. Do they advertise that they cater to children and adults equally?
  3. Does the dental team seem passionate about family dental care?
  4. Do the family dentist and dental team appear patient and caring towards your child when they visit?
  5. Do they offer child-friendly services and specialized care in pediatric dentistry?
  6. Do they make you feel listened to and supported as you learn the do’s and don’ts of how to look after your family’s dental health?
  7. Does the cost of attending that particular clinic meet the needs of your family budget?
  8. Do you trust and like the family dentist you’ve chosen?

Family Dentist

General family dentists love spending time with kids and their parents helping families get the right information so that they can all work together to ensure every family member has strong healthy teeth for life.  A trip to the local family dentist should be a fond and memorable one that sets children up for a lifetime of regular oral health visits, without fear or anxiety towards the dentist and receiving dental treatments.

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