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We’re proud dental professionals, not tech gurus or software developers coming on the scene to cause confusion and hijack the industry.


Dr Heath Fraser – dentist and successful practice owner. He was frustrated by the lack of control and transparency our industry can unknowingly bring to the public. 

Rebecca VanZutphen – over 20 years working within the industry, most of which was as a practice manager. Her perspective on what practices need has played a pivotal role in providing a seamless, real world practical platform for the modern dental practice to attract, book and manage new patients.


Together, the two have designed every element of the AirSmile platform to bring you a better way to communicate and attract new patients perfectly suited to your business model and dental expertise.  Everything inside AirSmile – how patients interact with the platform; how the directory is set up to put all dentists on an even playing field; the dentist portal and it’s unique features, and the online booking flow… it’s all been built with dentists and patients at the forefront. 


“The digital age is transforming the decisions we make on health but yet to significantly impact within dentistry. We felt it prudent to ensure that the dental industry take the lead on this inevitable change. The alternative is that it would be hijacked by the technology sector with little consideration to patient care.”

Dr Heath Fraser – AirSmile’s Founder & CEO

You’ll see it!  When a patient books an appointment you’ll be given instant access to their profile through your practice portal.  Here you can view the uploaded copy of the original treatment plan.  If they’ve tried to cheat the system, you’ll know.  


Treatment plans must be less then 6 months old to qualify for a comparison quote.  We’ve explained to patients this is the longest amount of time we as dental professionals would feel comfortable in providing a comparison quote, since most conditions would be relatively unchanged.  Upon uploading the original quote, patients are asked to verify the plan is less than 6 months old.  Again, if they manipulate the system they will be found out the moment you gain access to the copy of the plan on your end.  Patients know this, therefore it will be a tad embarrassing for them first time they visit – having to admit they fudged the numbers. In saying that, they still chose you and now you have them in your chair and can begin building a trusting dentist-patient relationship, one that’s clearly been missing in their lives up till now.  

This can and will happen.  It’s nothing patients and dentists haven’t been faced with up till now.

AirSmile makes it clear to patients that dentists are like architects – in that no two will design your house exactly the same way, and nor will a dentist offer and explain treatment options the same.  Patients are reassured this is a good thing.  It gives them greater control over their oral health by hearing advice and recommendations from various sources.  With your education and support they can make an informed decision on what treatment feels right for them.


We don’t ask you to commit to the original treatment plan provided by another dentist – that would be unethical and goes against everything AirSmile and our industry stands for.  We do ask though, that you agree to provide a comparative quote, in principle.  That you respect the plan provided by a fellow colleague with the expectation that it contains a clear diagnosis of disease with appropriate options to treat, and that you’re happy to discuss this with the patient in a supportive manner.


When the patient arrives for their initial appointment, we’ve explained that you will conduct your own thorough examination and provide a written quote to confirm the treatment and quote.  Rest assured, you’re in control of your own treatment plan.  AirSmile has been created to offer you the opportunity to showcase your skills in communication and diagnosis to win the heart and trust of that new patient. 

Either do we.  Our mission is to begin lifelong relationships between a dentist and their new patient.  That’s why patients will never see a breakdown of your fee per service.  Patients receive a dollar figure yes, but it’s a total for the entire treatment plan they’ve submitted for comparison.  Two figures are presented – the total cost to complete the plan as it stands, and your chosen consultation fee.


The only time they will see a breakdown of your fees is when they visit your practice and receive a formal plan and quote following a consultation.

In short – it doesn’t.  If an AirSmile user scans or uploads an existing quote for comparison, and it contains an item code not used universally within the industry, they will not be able to receive a comparison quote.  The user will be asked to edit or delete this unrecognisable data from the treatment plan by either contacting the practice and asking for a standard code to be used, or deleting it manually themselves within the app.  Once corrected, the user can continue with requesting a quote from our AirSmile partners – with or without this service included. 


Similarly, if you have in-house codes relating to services you offer, that’s not listed in the standard glossary used by the dental industry in your region, it is advised that you use an industry standardised item code in order to appear in each quote request in your area.

The moment a patient books an appointment with you you’ll become the only practice with access to their personal profile and any records they’ve uploaded into the system.  You can view and download x-rays, photos, clinical notes, letters and any other documents they’ve gathered.  You can also download your quote they received through AirSmile allowing you to review what treatment has been discussed with them already.  

1: Put a fee against every item code/service you offer in the ‘services’ section in your practice portal.

If a patient uploads a quote with an item code/service that you haven’t ticked as one you provide, you will not appear in the list of comparison quotes for them to view – since you’re missing one or more of the services they are seeking a quote against.  

Want to appear every time a patient requests a quote in your area?  Be vigilant when entering in your services – tick all the boxes! 


2: Get outstanding reviews!  We make a huge deal about reviews and patient experiences – it’s what makes AirSmile so trustworthy and reliable for people.  In Australia, 60% of patients use reviews to help make their decision on which dentist to see.  How do you rate?  

We display Google business reviews and request AirSmile users to rate their experience the moment their appointment ends.  Your reviews and rating is live on your practice profile and it makes a huge impact on whether or not patients choose you.  Always ask for referrals and thank those who take the time to share their positive experience, and reach out and make amends with those who expressed their time with you negatively.  Poor reviews and star ratings will certainly reduce your chances of being picked.


3: Make your practice profile shine!  We allow you to put as many photos, information and services on your profile as you like.  This is a patient’s first encounter with your practice  – make it count!

Upon making an online booking to confirm a treatment plan quote, AirSmile users receive an email confirming their appointment details.  This email includes a clear outline of what we at AirSmile would expect to happen at a new patient consultation to confirm a quote and plan.


An AirSmile new patient consultation is expected to include;

  • A comprehensive examination
  • Charting of existing dental treatment and documenting disease and concerns 
  • A clear treatment plan discussion outlining their conditions and all available treatment options
  • Written quotes


What’s not expected to be included in the consultation fee are any additional diagnostics you wish to perform such as x-rays, photos, study models, for example.  AirSmile users are advised these will be quoted for and charged in addition to the consultation fee – at the discretion of the treating dentist.  Ideally, the patient has obtained their previous records which you will have access to via the dentist portal reducing the time and money in re-doing these services on the day.   

Reputation is everything and we’ve worked hard to make sure every review on AirSmile is credible and legit.  Only patients who have attended an appointment will receive an invitation to leave a review on your profile.  This prevents malicious or false reviews from discrediting your practice through the AirSmile platform.  To add more value and insight into your practice, we’ve also sourced Google Business Reviews to appear on your profile page – another source for patients to use when making their decision to choose you.


Reviews are managed by your team through AirSmile’s Dentist Portal. 

Keeping patients motivated and loyal is tough for any dental practice – so we help you out here too.  

AirSmile’s reward system encourages patients to show up to their appointment, and refer friends, earning them $20 off their next dental visit when they book through AirSmile.  

On-boarding your practice takes a bit of admin work, but it’s well worth it.  We’ll help you every step of the way to make sure your practice profile looks amazing, and you have every possible chance in getting in front of our motivated users.  The cost of on-boarding your practice is $795.

To maintain your presence on the platform is just $99 per month.  This includes tech and admin support, updates to your profile any time you like and access to your online practice portal to manage your AirSmile bookings, patients and account.

We charge $79 for every new patient booking – and only bill you once the patient arrives for their appointment.  If they cancel or no-show you won’t be charged, provided you let us know within 7 days. Returning patients who use AirSmile to book future appointments online are free of charge – so feel free to encourage your AirSmile patients to utilize our app to make their next booking in seconds.  

That’s it!  We told you it was the easiest and most cost effective way to acquire new patients… motivated to start treatment now!

Ready to see AirSmile in action?

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Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.
patient login on airsmile


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.