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Stop trying to find a dentist the old, hard way. Everything you do is done with an app, so why not find a dentist the same way? AirSmile is a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to search and find credible dentists near Brendale and across Australia. 

Avoid trying to find dentist recommendations and calling around to get quotes and appointment times. AirSmile lets you do all this from within the app, without having to deal with the headaches associated with scheduling appointments. Read reviews, see quote estimates, and find appointment times that work for you with the easy interface AirSmile provides. You will be wanting everything to be as easy as this.

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Orthodontist Brendale

An orthodontist is just as important for your smile as a dental hygienist. A good orthodontist will help straighten your teeth and align your jaw properly. This does not just make your smile look great. It can also alleviate pain and keep your jaw and teeth in good condition. Misaligned teeth or jaws can cause uneven wear on teeth and over time leads to dental issues that are harder to resolve than the root cause. Luckily, it is not hard to find a good orthodontist in Brendale with the AirSmile app. Simply search for orthodontists in your area and find one that fits your budget.

This is especially important for kids. The best time to have any dental work done is immediately after they lose their last baby teeth. Retainers and braces are most effective at a young age before the bones and cartilage around the mouth become stiffer and more permanent. Crowded or crooked teeth are common issues with humans and are easy to fix with a good orthodontist.

Teeth whitening Brendale

Many foods and drinks are capable of staining teeth. Unfortunately, the surface layer of our teeth is not impermeable and will take on discolouration over time. Especially if you drink coffee and red wine. This doesn’t negatively affect the health of your mouth, though. But there could be a desire to have pearly white teeth again and remove decades of stains. Teeth whitening is a common and easy treatment that you could do at home but is most effectively done at the dentist. 

Sometimes special kinds of toothpaste and gel strips just won’t do the job and don’t last as long as you would like. Having a dentist perform a teeth whitening is an excellent way to have a long-lasting result with minimal discomfort. The teeth whitening dentist you found on AirSmile will make a custom tray that fits seamlessly over your teeth and use a whitening solution that is more powerful than those found at the store. AirSmile is your best bet to find teeth whitening Brendale.

that’s Dental, but helpful.

Absolutely Yes! AirSmile is totally free to download and use. You can download AirSmile from your Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store.   

Not only is AirSmile free to use – you can actually earn cash back by earning points when you friends join AirSmile using your unique code or scanning the QR code when you arrive at your AirSmile booked appointment.  When you reach 100 points you can redeem $20 off the next booking you make using AirSmile.  Check out the ‘Rewards’ section on AirSmile to find out more.  

AirSmile is designed to give transparent information about dental practices, including dental fees, reviews, location and expertise to help you choose the dentist that suits your needs. When you open the AirSmile application and click on the BOOK button, you will see a red highlighted option “Emergency Booking”.  Select and you will see a list of dentists that offer emergency dental services. You also get an option to sort this list by ‘Lowest price’, ‘Near to your location’, or ‘Highest Rating’. This helps you select your preferred dentist faster and with ease.

It is easy to schedule a dental appointment on AirSmile. Once you create a member login, you will be presented with the options to book an appointment; 

  1. Check-Up . 
  2. Check up and Clean, and 
  3. Emergency Booking.

If you have been to a dentist recently and they provided you with a treatment plan quote for a recommended course of treatment for disease or dental concerns you have, you can upload this quote, provided it’s less than six month old, as a pdf document that’s saved to your desktop or mobile device, or take a photo with your phone camera within the AirSmile app in just one click.  AirSmile will automatically scan the quote details from your uploaded dental treatment plan. You then click on the ‘Request Quotes’ button which will present you with a list of dental clinics that offer the dental treatment on your plan. Here you can sort the results by ”Lowest price’, ‘Near to your location’, or ‘Highest Rating’. This makes it easy and convenient for you to select a suitable dentist that meets your specific needs.

From this sorted list, you can click on a specific dental practice and get detailed information about that clinic to be sure that your needs are met and you align with the team and their services.

AirSmile practice members are privately owned clinics and unfortunately dental care is not covered under government subsidy to all Australians.  To find out if you meet the requirements to receive bulk billing dental care at one of the government clinics that provide bulk billing dental treatments to those in need throughout Australia please contact Medicare directly to discuss your personal situation.

No matter what dental treatment you are looking for,  our AirSmile dentist members have got you covered!

From the minor dental treatments like a dental check-up, teeth whitening, dental clean-up, tooth filling, to more major dental treatments like a root canal, dental implants, gum disease, wisdom tooth, cracked tooth, emergency dental treatments, cosmetic dental surgery, and more! 

Dental treatments on AirSmile

How do you find a dentist you love?

You might go online and search for ‘best dentist near me’ – spend hours looking at different websites and gathering as much information as you can to help you decide which dentist to choose.  But this takes hours and sometimes you end up visiting a dentist that’s not right for you – costing you time and money and forcing you to start your search all over again.

AirSmile understands this painful process and offers an effective solution. By using AirSmile you can find a dentist that suits your preferences within minutes. AirSmile breaks down confusing barriers, removes price mystery and provides greater control, transparency and freedom in selecting the dentist who aligns with your needs and values.

On AirSmile, you can compare and choose dentists based on price, reputation, availability, expertise and location. AirSmile offers you a new found freedom in the way you access dental care.  That’s what makes us Dental. But Different.

If you’re experiencing pain or need emergency dental services, you can find the earliest available appointment quickly and conveniently on AirSmile by clicking on the ‘Emergency Booking’ option and selecting a dentist with the earliest appointment time available when you click the BOOK button on your chosen practice profile page.

Whether you’re a current or new patient, dental practices on AirSmile are happy to serve you if you have a dental emergency. In most cases, the dental practice will be able to accommodate emergency walk-in appointments or offer a same-day appointment with a quick call to the practice if you’re unable to find a suitable time listed online.

AirSmile is a game-changing digital platform to help the Australian community enjoy the simplicity of locating a dental practice aligned with what’s important to them. 

We understand that people want to find dental care that is affordable, reputable, and convenient – and find it fast the moment they are ready to start.

AirSmile aims to serve both dentist professionals and dental patients. People can use AirSmile to access their preferred dental care and choose the dentist that suits their preferences be it dental costs, reviews, location, and services offered by dental practices.

Dental professionals can join AirSmile, and experience meeting new patients fully aligned with their way of doing business.  Patients who use AirSmile are motivated and excited to find a dentist they love and get started with the treatment they know they need.  AirSmile dentist members are also provided access to any records the patient uploads into their profile the moment the patient books.  This allows the dental team to prepare for new patients better than ever before – and saves considerable time and money during new patient consultations.  

Managing your dental care can be confusing and scary!  We’ve tried hard to make the AirSmile app super simple to use and when it comes time for us to explain something – we’ve done so in a language you can understand.  Check out our FAQ page! Once you log into AirSmile, it navigates you to your preferred dentist in just a couple of clicks.

When you log into AirSmile, you’ll be prompted to choose what dental service you are looking for when you click on the BOOK button.  The best and most unique feature of AirSmile is that it lets you upload a previous dental treatment plan quote given to you by any dentist in Australia and get a comparison quote in just a few minutes. The application automatically scans the treatment code, tooth number and fee for each service and shows you quotes from other dental practices for you to compare and choose the best. Not only that, you can sort the list of dentists based on price, distance from where you live or rating from other patients.

AirSmile makes it super easy for you to choose your preferred dentist in your city just in a few clicks as opposed to looking for a dentist online and spending hours surfing through different websites and still not be sure of your choice.

There are many advantages to using AirSmile instead of calling the first dentist you find online, or the nearest dental practice to your home or work.

Some of our favourite reasons are;


  1. You’ll find your preferred dentist in minutes as opposed to spending hours searching for a dentist online – surfing through multiple websites and still not being confident if you’ve found the right one for you. You’ll save yourself time and pain of making the wrong choice. That’s a big relief!


  1. On AirSmile, with just a few clicks you are presented with a list of dentists in your city for the dental treatment that you are looking for – That is freedom of choice!


  1. With AirSmile, you are well aware of what you are going to be charged before you visit the dentist – No price mystery!


  1. It’s all there in the palm of your hand! You compare dentists based on price, reviews, location, expertise and more in the scroll of your finger – That is convenience!


  1. You can request your treatment records and plans and access them when you need to – That’s controlling your dental care your way!

You absolutely can! 

AirSmile is for anyone who would like to take control of the way they access dental care. There is no requirement for you to be an Australian citizen. Anyone living in Australia can join AirSmile and experience the ease and convenience that AirSmile offers in accessing dental care in Australia.

patient login on airsmile


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.
patient login on airsmile


Compare quotes, manage your appointments, store dental records, and more. For people who want better dental.
dentist login on airsmile


Everything you need to enhance practice efficiency. For clinics that want to offer better dental.